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JJMG XiaoDaRen Scan Reading Pen Book Reader Point


The biggest advantage of Xiaodaren Scan Reader Pen is that there are a huge amount of resources, and there are many resources that can be used to read.

This product is really efficient, high quality, and effortless. Besides its accurate pronunciation, the child can listen to it repeatedly. It is a super childcare artifact for no needs of being accompanied by parents.

Personalized files can be produced by using its client application software, and any textbooks, fairy tales, science books, hand-painted books, and picture books, etc. can be made into readable audiobooks.

Xiaodaren cooperates with many well-known book publishers and has a large number of book resources. It is a powerful aider for children to enlighten and learn both English and Chinese.

By using the latest optical image recognition and advanced digital voice technology, Scan Reader Pen is the most innovative intelligent reading and learning tool. It is the perfect combination of digital product and education.  Its functions include scan reading, repeating, following, recording, and entertainment. Constantly stimulates the senses such as touch, vision, and hearing to cultivate children's cognitive, literacy, speaking, and thinking skills, and develop their brains. It creates a colorful learning world for children, provides rich and diverse knowledge, cultivates and shapes children's characters and qualities, and comprehensively improves children's intelligence and competency.


  • Power off the Scan Reader Pen, connect to the computer, launch client application software, double click downloaded .dab file, the installation window appears. 
  • For most of the book files, just change the number of book-name-sticker, don’t change the number of content-sticker.
  • If you want to produce your own book files, please download relevant audio data files (.dab file), or use audio-recording-sticker to record voice and make audio files.