JJMG 2 Tiered Air Travel Leg Rest Pillow
JJMG 2 Tiered Air Travel Leg Rest Pillow
JJMG 2 Tiered Air Travel Leg Rest Pillow
JJMG 2 Tiered Air Travel Leg Rest Pillow
JJMG 2 Tiered Air Travel Leg Rest Pillow
JJMG 2 Tiered Air Travel Leg Rest Pillow

JJMG 2 Tiered Air Travel Leg Rest Pillow

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  • LIFESAVER FOR PARENTS - Traveling With Young Kids During Long Flights. Can You Imagine a 4 Hour Flight with Your Little One Screaming For Your Attention Because He/She Has No Place to Lay Down and Rest? Not to Mention a 10 Hour Flight Without These. This Leg Rest Pillow is a Must Have for Parents.
  • QUANTITY - 1 PIECE with Bottom Dust Cover. MATERIALS & SIZE – PVC Flocking. Environment- Friendly Material, Healthy And Hygenic. SIZE - Inflated: 38cmx25cmx43cm(15"x9.8"x16.9") Deflated: 6"x6"x1"
  • PERFECT SOLUTION FOR LONG FLIGHTS AND AIRPORT WAITING – Footrest Pillow Helps Your Feet And Legs To Rest On Airplanes And Can Be Used As Kid’s Bed To Lay Down Flat On Flights. Can Be Used As A Chair While Waiting For Flights At The Airport.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS – Improves Circulation And Can Reduce Swelling By Raising The Legs. May Help Reduce The Risk Of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Helps To Relieve Back Pain From Sitting For Long Period Of Time.
  • FOLDABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Inflate Takes Only About 1 Minute and a Half by Blowing Air with Mouth into the Air Valve. Quickly unfold for easy assembly and collapse flat to pack away when not in use. Can be compressed down to a small size— Transport from room to room with a lightweight design for easy handling.


It is common for travelers to sleep while waiting to arrive at their destination. They sleep on their seats to save energy. But some people are having a hard time going to sleep and some will experience back pain when they wake up from prolonged sitting. Not just that, those who traveled with kids are also one of the reasons for the production of this leg rest pillow. Indeed, traveling with kids is very stressful especially when your little one can’t sleep well during the flight. With JJMG New Air Travel Leg Rest Pillow, this helps you relax and experience a comfy and cozy journey.

It is your ultimate travel companion perfect for traveling adults and children even if you are in economy accommodation.

This helps you make your flight more comfortable by enabling you to elevate your feet and legs into many different directions, supported by inflatable travel pillows. It supports your legs either stretch or curls up.

JJMG 2 Tier Leg Rest Pillow

You can create a platform for young children to be able to sleep flat. As a parent, this is a travel saver that makes your whole adventure easier. With this product, you can make the most of your when you fly economy. A breakthrough in flight comfort that supports your legs and helps you feel comfortable without having to worry about back pains from prolonged sittings, swelling, and poor blood circulation.

This inflatable cushion fits perfectly in the gap between the seats and makes for a great bed, table and leg rest which means you will never be your child’s cushion during the entire flight.

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