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Adjustable Icing Smoother Scraper

  • MATERIAL - Made From Premium Food Grade Plastic. Safe. Non-Toxic. Durable.
  • FUNCTION - Use For Spreading Buttercream Frosting On Cakes To Create A Clean And Sharp Edges Easily, Smooth The Surface Of Creamy Fondant Cakes.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE - Can Frost Maximum Barrel Cake Size About 20cm. or  8” And Even Works On Short Cakes Up To 6.3cm or 2.5”. You Can Adjust The Height According To Your Needs.
  • WIDE APPLICATION - It Is Ideal For Home Or Professional Bakery Cake and Even Works On Square Cakes, Fondant Mousse Baking Decorating Helper Especially Needed For Christmas, Thanksgiving Feast, Party, Home And Holiday. It Can Also Be Used For Scraping, Crushing, Chopping, And Measuring.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN - Just Follow The Guide Carefully And You Can Wash It With Soapy Water.

Now you can make cakes like a professional with JJMG New Baker’s Cake Adjustable Smoother Polisher Scraper Cake Edge Smoothing Decorating Tool. We all love getting to the decorating stage of cake making, but a sharp crisp edge and a smooth base are important before we do so. One of the most frustrating aspects of cake making is coating and re-coating your cake with frosting until you get it perfect. With our new product, you can now achieve that perfect cake edge but you have to take note that the success of it depends on the consistency of your icing.

JJMG’s Baker’s Adjustable Smoother is designed to smooth both the top and bottom of your cake at the same time while creating the perfect sharp edge. It saves you time and cost. This is a complete game-changer in your baking. This decorating tool is adjustable that allows you to get clean straight edges even for taller / barrel cakes that are up to 8 inches high.


1. The Bar is on the left and the Riser is on the right.

2. Widen the gap of the Riser by using your thumb to open it.

3. With the thumb pushing open, slide the Riser onto the Bar from the top.

4. Allow the Riser to snap into the pins of the Bar at the desired height. Make sure that the Bar fits neatly into the groove of the Riser.