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JJMG Non-Slip Knife Sharpener (2 Pieces)

  1. PREMIUM QUALITY – Rectangular Knife Sharpener Is Made From High Quality And Durable Grind Stone That Is Ideal For Your Knives, Scissors And Cutting Utensils. Pocket Knife Sharpener Has A Groove Especially Designed For Sharpening Fish Hooks And The Key Ring Also Means You Can Easily Use It As A Keychain.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USAGE - You Can Use This Grindstone To Sharpen Kitchen Knives, Kitchen Shears, Pocket Knives, Porting Knives, Straight Razor, Cutting Class Knives, Hunting Knives, And Cutlery Knives. It Can Also Be Used To Sharpen Garden Tools Such As An Axe. Ideal For Professional Chef or At Home.
  • NON-SLIP BASE FOR YOUR SAFETY – The Sharpening Stone Comes With A Non-Slip, High-Quality Plastic Silicone Base. The Base Holds The Sharpening Stone Securely And Fixed In One Place.
  • EASY TO USE – It Works With Water, So No Expensive And Messy Oils Are Necessary.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to cut, using a knife that features dull, blunt edges. Sharpen and hone your blades effortlessly and make them razor-sharp with JJMG NEW 2pc set of Non-Slip Knife Sharpeners. It is made of a high premium quality grindstone that could sharpen and polished your knives and cutting tools. You will get 2 items for the price of one, a rectangular knife sharpener and a coated pocket knife sharpener that is very useful for outdoor exploration. JJMG NEW 2pc Set of Non-Slip Knife Sharpener And A Coated Pocket Knife Sharpener For Outdoor Exploration is practical, ergonomic, non-slip and safety stand for easy use. With a non-slip base knife sharpener, it allows you to effortlessly and safely grind any tool. Pocket Knife Sharpener features a groove especially designed for sharpening fish hooks and the keyring also means you can easily use it as a keychain. A must-have pocket knife sharpener that you can take with you anywhere. Our new product is perfect for any kitchen. Whether you get this tool for your own kitchen or as a housewarming gift for a friend or family, this will be useful for sharpening any kitchen knife or you need a pocket knife sharpener while repairing your car on the side of the road. JJMG 2pc set of sharpening stones are specially designed for professional and home use, hunting, and outdoors.

NOTE: Place your knife at a 15 degrees angle on the sharpening stone. No oil need, just put water and you’re ready to go!