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JJMG 7 Pair Easy-To-Wear Mess-Free Light Weight Magnetic Dramatic False Eyelashes Set

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  • FEEL MORE BEAUTIFUL AND DRAMATIC- The False Eyelashes Are Amazing Lightweight And Comfort That Give You A Dramatic And Glamorous Look. You Will Not Even Feel They Exist On Your Eyes. They Will Seamlessly Blend With Your Own Lashes, For The Most Natural Look. As Easy As A Breeze To Apply And Comfortable For Prolonged Wear.
  • GREATER FLEXIBILITY AND COMFORT - You Can Curl It For Your Desired Look And Bend It To Fit Along Your Natural Eye Shape Curve.
  • GLUE-FREE DESIGN - They Won’t Cause Irritation To Your Eyes Or Cause Damage To Your Natural EyeLashes. Please Draw Magnetic Eyeliner When You Use Magnetic False EyeLashes To Make Your Eyelashes Look More Dramatic.
  • NON -TOXIC - These Reusable Magnetic Lashes Involve No Glue, Leave No Residue And Will Protect Your Eyes’ Health All Throughout The Application And Wearing Process. You Won’t Have To Be Concerned About Getting Toxic Substance In Your Eyes Or Developing Unpleasant Allergies.
  • REUSABLE - Can Be Used Multiple Times. Store Them Well, Then You Can You Use Them For Next Time.

Do you wish to enhance your natural lashes in an easy and affordable way? Finally, you can have lashes that are ridiculously easy to apply, comfortable enough to wear through the day, and flexible enough to adjust to your active lifestyle. Try our new product JJMG 7 Easy-To-Wear Mess-Free Light Weight Magnetic Beauty Enhancer Dramatic Looking False Eyelashes Set.


  • Super Easy To Use - Just draw magnetic eyeliner and the magnetic eyelashes stick right to the liner.
  • Endlessly Repositionable - Want to adjust? Just pull them off and lay them back on.
  • Comfortable - Very Lightweight and Flexible - No crusty feeling every time you wink.
  • No gunky glue residue on your lashes.
  • No accidentally smearing your makeup.
  • Gorgeous long, fluffy lashes behind in beautifully and effortlessly sexy look.