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JJMG Air Travel Pillow Inflatable Cushion

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  • BREAKTHROUGH ON SLEEPLESS FLIGHTS & STIFF NECK – This Pillow Supports Your Upper Body and The Head Avoiding Back and Neck Pain. It Helps To Relax Your Neck Muscles. Lean Forward And Place Head On The Device. You Can Rest In a Relaxing Position And Fall Asleep Without Any Trouble.
  • AMAZING and INNOVATIVE DESIGN – Ergonomic. Light as a Smartphone and as Big as a Pocket Book. It Has A Large Opening Valve That Allows You To Inflate The Pillow and Deflate in Seconds. It Can Be Folded For Easy Storage.
  • FIND YOUR IDEAL SLEEPING POSITION – *Facing Down *From The Side *Back To Front Supporting Your Chin Or Against The Window On a Seated Position *From Side to Side
  • MATERIAL – Made Of High-Quality Felt Type Material For Ultimate Comfort. It Can Be Washed With Cold Water.
  • DIMENSION – Inflated: 55x35x30cm(21.6” x 13.7” x 11.8”), Roll Up Small: 13x18cm(5” x 7”), Comes With a Travel Pouch


Are you a traveler? Do you enjoy taking trips to exotic locations or do you travel a lot for work? We all love to travel whether we love to go to new places, to go home to meet our family and friends or to go on a business trips for work. However a long journey can really do a number on your body and even after a few days after you arrive it seems you are still recovering from pain and sore you get from long travel. While we travel to a long journey we want to doze off and we need something to support our neck and back to prevent stiffness. This innovative travel device is the ultimate solution. It aims to provide the most comfortable sleeping position while travelling by any means of transportation, airplane, car, bus, train, etc. The inflatable pillow designed to lean on a passenger seat back tray supporting the head and the upper body as they lean forward with their arms inside it and the face resting on a gap at the top. You can put your chin on in one of the pillow positions just for chilling and closing your eyes. If you have the pillow on the tray and want to use your iPad, tab or any gadgets you can put it on top you can use it almost with your hand level. This is your perfect travel buddy. It is light, foldable and inflatable. With just few puffs of air you’ll be ready to snooze off for the most comfortable trip ever. With this smart, handy-travel, healthy frontal sleeping pillow you can enjoy and relax during your flights and say goodbye to stiff neck and back pains.