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JJMG Antibacterial Silicone Sponge

  • Made from SILICONE with NO smelly odor, Germ-FREE scrubber!
  • EASY to clean and sanitize. *Dishwasher safe, flexible, colorful, and fun.
  • Safe to use on non-stick cookware, delicate glassware, surfaces fruits, and vegetables.
  • LASTS LONGER and DRIES FASTER than the typical sponge.
  • Can be used as a face wash sponge or shower sponge.

Kitchen sponges are hotbeds of germs that can quickly become disgustingly dirty in your kitchen. Try this new silicone scrubber sponge and get a totally new experience. It is a great alternative to regular sponges, wire mesh scrubbers, textured dishcloths, etc. It is made of silicone material so it provides gentler scrubbing than things like steel wool without damage. Though it is softer than the traditional scrubber, those little soft bristles are capable of cleaning the dishes, stovetop, non-stick pots and pans, bathtubs, tiles, counters, makeup brushes, and vegetables without scratching them. It is easy to clean because of its durable silicone construction. Nothing sticks to it, just run it under the faucet and it rinses off in seconds. It lasts longer and dries faster than a typical sponge. It has a suction cup so it’s easy to hang it in place without clutter and it also allows you to stick to the side of the sink to dry it off once you’ve easily rinsed away any food particles or grime that remains on the sponge. For sanitizing, you can put it in a microwave or in boiling water. Say goodbye to your smelly sponge and enjoy this amazing, affordable, germ-free multipurpose silicone cleaning sponge that comes in different vibrant colors available according to the variant selected.