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JJMG Collapsible Magic Hanger for Clothes

  • DURABLE AND HEAVY DUTY – Hangers Are Made Of High-Quality ABS Plastic Which Are Firmly Bonded With Smooth End Design That Keeps Your Hand From Getting Hurt. Can Hold Up To 8 Clothes At A Time, This Definitely Completes Your Wardrobe Needs!
  • FOLDABLE AND CASCADING – Space Saving Hangers For Your Needs. Save Spaces On Your Closet, Travel Bag, Cloth Organizer, Clothes Rack, Garment Bag, Camp, Car Or Hotel. This Makes Hanging Pants, Shirts, And Blouses Vertically And Horizontally With Ease!
  • NOTCHED SHOULDERS – Prevents Clothes From Slipping And Provides Extra Support For Garments.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Great For Hanging Suits, Jackets, Pants, Shirts, Dresses, Blouses, And Accessories.
  • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN – Grab Your Clothes In One Single Motion And Slim Shape For Easy Insertion Into Button-Up Shirts And Turtle Necks. Avoid Stretching Your Wardrobe’s Collar With This Easy To Use Unique Foldable Hanger!

Package includes: 1 Pc Collapsible Folding Hanger

Organizing your bedroom closet is one of the most daunting tasks when trying to clean your bedroom. With the help of these magic foldable hangers that save space and can go horizontal or vertical, you can fit more clothes into a smaller space while keeping your clothes organized and wrinkle-free at the same time. JJMG NEW Collapsible Innovative Folding Clothes Hanger brings quality and value to the care of all your clothing. It saves you space by hanging your clothes either horizontally or vertically. It is durable enough to hang shirts, pants, blouses, shirts, coats, etc. without falling. It helps your clothes organized and you don’t have to worry about wrinkles because even while being moved vertically or horizontally or flip them over, your clothes are still organized and wrinkle-free. Using this magic hanger your clothes are ready to wear anytime. This new product makes your life easier. The very simple mechanism of the hanger makes life easier. Grab it! Push it! Your clothes are ready for taking. Put in! Put together! Your clothes are ready for hanging. JJMG NEW Collapsible Innovative Folding Clothes Hanger takes care of your clothes. You don’t need to stretch the collar of your shirts especially turtle neck blouse. Its slim shape provides easy insertion.