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JJMG 3 Tiered Inflatable Detachable Leg Rest Travel Pillow

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  • MATERIAL - Soft PVC Flocking, Washable, Environment- Friendly Material, Healthy, And Hygienic.
  • ADJUSTABLE - Three Different Heights And Sizes Suitable For Utilizing As A Foot Rest, Leg Rest Or Travel Bed For Kids. The Small And Large Cushion Can Attach With Velcro Fastener On The Both Sides. Smaller Cushion Fits Nicely Under Office Desk, On Planes, On Beds And Sofas.
  • LIGHT AND PORTABLE - Footrests Are Inflatable And Lightweight. The Pillow Can Be Compressed Down And Stored In A Small Place When Not In Use. It Is Easy To Carry Around. It Comes With A Handy Carrying Bag When Deflated It Will Easily Fit Into A Purse, Backpack, Baby bag, or Travel bag. The Pillows Dual-Valve System Enables Quick Inflation And Deflation.
  • PROVIDES COMFORT AND REMOVES PAIN - Footrest Pillow Helps Your Feet And Legs To Rest On Airplanes And Elevates Legs To Improve Circulation, Reduce Knee Swelling And Relieve Knee Pain. Can Be Used As Kid’s Bed To Lay Down Flat On Flights. Can Be Used As A Chair While Waiting For Flights At The Airport.
  • IT HELPS REDUCES FOOT & LEG SWELLING -. When Not Travelling This Pillow Can Be Used To Relieve Back Pain Associated With Sitting For Long Periods. Can Also Be Used Camping, In The Office, Reclining At Home - Anywhere You Need A Foot Rest Or Leg Rest

The All-New and Improved Inflatable Adjustable Detachable Leg Rest Travel Pillow have been redesigned to help you relax and experience a comfy and cozy journey. It is your ultimate travel companion perfect for traveling adults and children even if you are in economy accommodation.

Most travel pillows and footrests are made of cheap materials, but ours, we used certified flocked PVC which is an environmentally friendly, hygienic, warm, and ergonomic material that retains its durability and texture and is pleasing to the eye.

The new inflatable design travel can be detached from the large one. The small cushion fits nicely under an office desk, on planes, on beds and sofas, or in a dorm room that is designed to elevate legs to improve circulation.

A large cushion helps elevate both legs. A footrest pillow helps your feet and legs to rest on airplanes, fills in empty space between seats in cars for quick-shift beds, can be used for kids under 3 years old as a bed to lay down flat on flights. This can also be used as a chair while waiting for flights at the airport. It is perfect for people recovering from surgery or suffering from constant body strain. The elevation is a key factor in fast recovery for foot, ankle, or leg surgery, and this pillow is also designed to support your recovery needs. It provides a comfortable feeling because it is not sturdy so your legs are easy to move.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x base case 
  • 1 x eye mask 
  • 1 x storage bag 
  • 1 x top (1 tier) 
  • 1 x bottom (2 tier)