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Magical Stainless Kinetic Flow Decompression Rings

  • MATERIAL - Made Out Of A Single Strand Of Strong Thin Stainless Steel Perfect For The Most Relaxing Flow
  • INTERACTIVE EDUCATIONAL 3D FLOW TOY - Spinner Toy With Flow Rings That Work On The Principle Of Science, Galactic Globe Vertical Vortex Flow Ring.
  • SENSORY FIDGET TOY - Helps ADD, ADHD And Autism Reduce Anxiety, Enhances Their Focus, And Quits Bad Habit And More.
  • GREAT FOR RELIEVING STRESS - It Helps Release Tension On A Busy Day. Let The Flow Of The Ring Carry You Away And Stop Thinking About Stress And Anxieties For While. Relaxes Your Mind.
  • PLAY SOLO OR WITH A FRIEND - Place The Spring Spinner Ring Kinetic Toy On Your Arm And Watch The Flow Rings Come To Life In A Galactic Vertical Vortex And Effortlessly Roll Down Your Arm.

The amazing NEW JJMG Magical Stainless Kinetic Flow Rings is a deceptively simple toy made from a single strand of stainless steel. Its spiraling shape coils back upon itself which gives it the unique ability to fully surround objects and roll around them. JJMG Magical Stainless ring band loops back upon itself creating a donut hole in the center.

This twirly spring flattens down into an awesome carry-pouch and pops up into a shiny, spinning delight. Roll it from arm to arm, or make a Toro-train and pass it around from one person to the next, up to one arm and down the other. You can run it down your arms or legs. Put it around a broomstick or any roughly cylindrical object and Magic Rings will round it. And for infinite flow, splice a hula hoop and thread it into the center of this magic ring bracelet. As it picks up speed, it looks like a crazy metallic bubble. To magically return the flow ring to its flattened state, simply press down on the top. You’ll find it quite addictive to pop it up and smash it back down repeatedly. It is addictive, educational, simple, and fun!