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JJMG NEW Non-Slip Super Grippy Yoga Fitness Sports Half Finger Gloves

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  • MATERIAL - Made Out Of Breathable Lycra, Microfiber, Synthetic Leather, And Silicone. The Light Design Provides Comfort Without Sacrificing Protection Where It Is Most Needed. Silica Gel Pads Provide Friction To Keep Weights Safely In Your Grasp.
  • COMFORT - Open Hand Design Provides For Extreme Comfort Giving Your Hands The Ability To Breathe While Doing Intense Workouts.
  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS - It Protects Your Hands From Painful Calluses, Hand Blisters, Hand Rips, And Skin Tears. The Special Thickening Of The Palm Pad Can Absorb Shock And Reduce Numbness.
  • BREATHABLE - Prevents Heat Buildup And Maintain A Firm Fit Without Slippage
  • NON-SLIP VERSATILITY - Ideal For All Activities That Require Grippy Fitness Gloves. Hot Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training, SUP, Bicycling, and Pole.

Experience these uniquely designed yoga gloves that offer a superior and pleasant training experience with each and every workout without hurting your finger or hands from painful calluses, hand blisters, and skin tears. It is suitable for yoga, pilates, climbing, cycling, shooting, weightlifting, training and so on.

Four fingers comfortable gloves with an anti-slip surface designed for fitness drills and exercises. The gloves can easily absorb and evaporate sweat keeping your hands dry without bacteria and bad odor. The cushioned palms provide comfort and support and give you a reliable hold on weights. Fingers separation design helps reduced rubbing irritation between fingers and causing blisters.

Please measure the circumference of your hands (see picture below) with measuring tape and compare with the chart to know the size of your gloves.