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JJMG NewExtra Fine Diamond Coated Pocket Hook Knife Sharpener For Hunting, Fishing, Camping Traveling or Any Outdoor Activities (Set of 2)

  • MATERIAL – Made From Fine Diamond Grit.
  • PURPOSE – Can Be Used To Wear A Small Tool For Outdoor Exploration To Sharpen Your Fishing Hooks, Kitchen Knives, Scissors, Choppers, Hand Hay Cutter, Shave Knife, Camping Knife.
  • SPECIAL FEATURE – It Has A Groove Especially Designed For Sharpening Fish Hooks And The Key Ring Also Means You Can Easily Use It As A Keychain.
  • PORTABLE – It Is Light Weight, Small, Thin And Can Be Put in the Pocket.
  • SIZE – Length: 6.3cm. (2.48”) Width: 2cm (0.79”)

Anyone who uses a knife knows how important to have a reliable sharpener. JJMG’s New Fine Knife Sharpener is a compact sharpener that is easy to have along and keeps you sharp. A must-have pocket knife sharpener smaller than your pocket that you can carry anywhere you go. You’ll never know when you need to sharpen a pocket knife while doing car repairs on the side of the road or doing outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, outdoor exploration, home or office. Slimmer and lighter design with a long-lasting durability that you can put in your wallet or keep with your keys.

It is made of high-quality diamond stones that could polish and refine edges. No need for oil. You can sharpen your knife dry. Be prepared and don’t get caught with a dull knife. This handy tool is easy to use, just simply put it on a hard surface and draw the knife by pulling the knife towards you. You can also give it as a birthday gift, a Christmas gift to a friend, wife, cook, or to someone who likes to explore the outdoors.