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JJMG Pull-Out Sliding Stackable Shoe Boxes


HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Made Of A PP Material, Thicker Design And White Frame Provide Strong Load-Bearing Capacity. Can Withstand Much Bigger Pressure And Prevent Deformation. Rounded Angle Design, Smooth, And Burr-Free.

INNOVATIVE PUSH AND PULL DESIGN - Designed According To The Mechanic Principle. 120° Angle Opening Cover And Handle Design On The Bottom For Easy Push And Pull To Take Shoes Out Is More Labor-Saving. Saves Time With One Hand Holding Shoes.

CLEAR TRANSPARENT COVER - You Can See Inside And Find The Right Shoes Easily Without Opening All The Boxes. You Can Take Out Your Shoes Without Removing From The Stack.

SPACE SAVING - These Containers Are Stackable For Easy Organization And Storage. It Helps You Save More Space And Keep Your Hallways, Wardrobe, Closet, Shelf, and Deck Neat And Clean. Also, Be Used To Store Other Items As Your Needs.

MULTI-LAYER STACKING - Each Box Is Designed With Tightly Stacking Grooves At The Bottom. Can Connect Each Box Together For Easy And Better Stacking And Multi-Layering Is Stable And Sturdy.

Getting sick and tired of tidying up your shoes every single day? Our new product is the answer to your problem. Try JJMG Stackable Drawer Type Design Shoe Box Set of 3 Push-Pull Transparent Shoe Container Home Organizer Clear Plastic Shoe Storage  For Men and Women to keep your shoe collection protected from dust while keeping them easy to access.

NOTE: Our Pull-Out Sliding Stackable Shoe Box comes in 3 boxes per set.


  • A shoebox assembled like a drawer. Easy to assemble and can be used right away.
  • An easy way to keep your shoes clean and tidy.
  • Clear cover boxes that allow for easy viewing from contents inside.
  • Stable bracket easy to push and pull with 120° angle cover opening.
  • Has intimate handle easy to use. Keep hand-to-shoe contact as low as possible.
  • Suitable for all kinds of shoes or shoe sizes.
  • Saves massive space because it is stackable.
  • Can be used for other storage purposes such as toys, utensils, and tools.

Installation Instructions

  1. Insert the terminal right and left sideboard into the backside groove. (Put the bayonet side upwards.)
  2. Insert the bottom bars into the front of the right and left sideboard groove.
  3. Press the 9 slots on the bottom of the top plate into the finished frame groove.
  4. Install the rollers into the four wheels on the left and right sides of the bottom tray. (Put the bayonet beside the bottom tray.)
  5. Press the holes of two linkage rods into two sides of the bottom tray. (Put the spindle side upwards.)
  6. Press another linkage into the hole on the side of the panel.
  7. Insert the bottom tray into the shoe box.
  8. Insert the top spindle of the panel into the spindle hole of the top plate.