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JJMG Stainless Steel Egg Shell Topper Cracker

  • HIGH QUALITY- Stainless steel design is durable and is dishwasher safe. Great to use at home or at a restaurant businesses.
  • CRACK A CIRCLE IN ANY EGG SIZE- The dome will fit right over any egg. Doesn't matter small medium or large. It will make great egg pudding desserts.
  • EASILY MAKE A ROUND OPENING FOR EGG SHELL- By lifting the Ball on top then Releasing it to Crack the Top of the Egg. By droping the weight you will get a perfect circle cracked into the shell, which can then be easily removed by hand or use a spoon or knife in the seam and lifting the shell
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASIONS - soft boiled, hard boiled or raw eggs. The Ultimate Egg Topper, Cracker, Opener, Separator and Cutter.
  • FREE WOOD EGG CUPS - comes with 2 free wood egg cups


  1. Package 1 - Stainless Cracker Only
  2. Package 2 - Stainless Cracker with 2 Free Wood Egg Cups
  3. Package 3 - Japanese Stainless with 2 Free Wood Egg Cups