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JJMG Reflective Vest (Unisex)

  • *100% Brand NEW and High Quality, Perfect for summer construction, biking, warehouse professionals, forklift worker, night jogging, play Pokemon go at night (Guarantee you will not catch more Pokemon)
  • * Available sizes: L/XL, Max waist measurement: 59" stretched, 44" un-stretched
  • *Stay safe while doing outdoor activities such as jogging, running, cycling, walking.
  • *It can be 360° reflectivity and visibility, Highly Reflective at Night & Highly Visible in the Day
  • *Affordable. NO Batteries required


This reflective vest is designed for your safety outdoor at night while jogging, running, cycling, and working. The vest is highly reflective that you can be seen going and coming. Cruising the street at night can be challenging and very dangerous so it is important to be HIGHLY visible.

The fluorescent yellow-green color is likely the easiest color for human eyes to see in a low light condition such as cloudy days. Even in a small amount of light, this product reflects well. Night visibility to cars is important to prevent road accidents. This vest is made from an elastic material that can move. It is adjustable so it stays snugly plus the straps are wide adding more visibility. It is easy to put on and take off no matter what other layers of clothing you are wearing. It is lightweight and compact.

The straps that go around your waist and over your shoulders are all adjustable to ensure the proper and most comfortable fit. This Reflective jacket is more affordable than those expensive LED lights that need batteries and you’ll be changing it weekly. With this affordable product, you don’t only feel comfortable wearing it but it makes you feel safer on the road knowing drivers can see you.