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JJMG Universal Hand Air Pump

  • VERSATILE USAGE - Different Nozzles for Different Type of Products that Requires Pumping Air, Pool Floats, Inflatable Travel Pillows, Exercise Ball, Floating Tubes, Accordion Hose with 2 Nozzles. CONVENIENT TO USE – Portable And Practical In Particular When You Out Of Town. It Does Not Require a Plug, Batteries, Or Electricity And Is Built To Last.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, GREAT FOR TRAVEL - Only Weighs 8.2 Ounces, Can Easily Be Placed in Your Carry-On, Luggage, Hand Bag, Or Back Pack
  • 3 NOZZLES – Comes With 3 Complimentary Nozzles For Inflating Different Inflatables. QUICK PUMPING - Double Quick Air Volume, Air Volume 2 x 700CC, Size 3.4" x 11.8"
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Made of Heavy Duty Polypropylene, Pumps Both on the Up and Down Stroke, Reducing the Time in Half of What a Down-stroke Only Pump Would do.
  • NOTE - Does Not Deflate. Because Its Smaller Size Might Take a While to Inflate a Mattress.

If You Are Going Camping or Traveling and Need a Handy Manual Air Pump That's Light Weight and Not Too Big to Be Placed in Your Bags, This JJMG Hand Pump is The One. Designed to Work Perfectly with JJMG Leg Rest Travel Pillow, and Versatile Enough to Work With Many Other Sporting Goods That Requires Pumping Air Like Exercise Ball, Pool Floats, Mattress, Toys, Small Rafts... Does Not require heavy batteries or electricity Probably great for a strong man competition too.

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to a battery pump to use during camping or any outdoor activities during summertime for your inflatables, this product is perfect for you! JJMG New Portable Hand Air Pump With 3 interconnecting nozzles with a hose is the perfect accessory to inflate your inflatables with ease.

 Designed with a high-capacity double action pump that fits different valves and maximizes airflow making it inflating and deflating very simple. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to use. Its compact size takes up a little room so you can take it with you to many places even on a short overnight backpacking trip. It comes with 3 different interconnecting nozzles that should fit about anything. It is perfect for a small opening on pool floats, beach balls, air bed or mattress, air travel leg rest, tubing, exercise balance ball, air sofa, balloon animals, etc. Though it takes a while to inflate a bigger mattress because it starts slow but just keep at it and it picks up its efficacy. It is made of non-corrosive lightweight plastic material.

WARNING: This product is meant to be a manual hand pump so pain on hands might be experienced.