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JJMG Universal Silicone Water Drain Stopper

  • MULTI-FUNCTION – It Seals The Drain When Filling The Tub With Water And It Also Catches Hair And Other Drain Clogging Items. More Importantly, It Can Stop Bugs From Coming out from Your Kitchen Sink and Bathtub.
  • WIDELY USE – Conveniently Fit All Kitchen, Bathroom, And Laundry Drains. Washing Dishes and Vegetables Becomes Much Easier.
  • EASY TO USE & FLEXIBLE – Simply Press The Center Of The Button, The Edge Will Fold Up And Allow Water To Pass Through And Cut Off The Hair, Press The Edge It Can Close The Calve.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Easy to clean and move. You can wash them easily with warm water or soap.
  • DEODORANT DESIGN – It Fits Standard Drains, Can Prevent Odor From Sewer. Comes with 2 in a Set (White and Tiffany Blue)

Drains at home can become clogged over time if the drain is blocked for some reason. One of the reasons that can cause blockage is the hair and other drain clogging items.

JJMG NEW 2in1 Silicone Water Drain Stopper/Hair Catcher truly stops hair and other drain clogging items before they become problems in the pipes. It surely beats having to be worried about hair or anything going down the drain. It is easy to install and it fits right in the bathtub drain so perfectly. Just press to close and press it to open. It has a beautiful design that fits standard drains and can prevent odor from a sewer. It can be used in the kitchen sink and bathroom sink.

The drain plug is suitable to fit most basins, sinks, bathtubs, and drains. JJMG NEW 2in1 Silicone Water Drain Stopper/Hair Catcher keeps water in the tub so you can experience bathing with the abundance of water. This stopper is soft because it is made of high-quality silicone so you can remove it easily without hurting your hands. It is easy to care for. Like all stoppers, remember to keep it clean because mold will form. A quick soak in bleach every month should do the trick. Please clean the drain protector and get rid of the wastes and hair in time. Keep it away from kids.