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Piano Fish Eye Lens for Zoom Lessons Online Class Selfie Wide-Angle Overhead Camera Lens iPhone Android Universal FishEye Lens Home Teaching Tool

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 Piano Fish Eye Lens for Zoom Lessons Online Class Selfie Wide-Angle Overhead Camera Lens iPhone Android Universal FishEye Lens Home-school Home Teaching Tool

PREMIUM QUALITY – Designed with industrial-grade aluminum along with advanced optical lenses that capture photos and videos with amazing sharpness and detail.

BI-SPLIT SCREEN LENS MIRROR VIDEO EFFECT – Participants will be able to see the full panoramic view of the piano keyboard while the teacher's hands are together the participant could still see the individual fingers on the note up close through mirror video not appear reversed to the students. The student/participant sees it the way it is intended.

UNIVERSAL DESIGN – The lenses can work on most types of mobile phones whose camera lenses are not bigger than 13mm diameter such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and other smartphones and even tablets.

WIDE HEMISPHERICAL IMAGE -  The wide-angle lens projects a substantially large range no need to stand to see the full key bracket, more high-definition, and can greatly expand to 180⁰ views such as group people, building and landscape.

PORTABLE & DETACHABLE – Comes with a black bag that is easy to carry when traveling and hiking. Lens is easy to attach to your phone with a soft rubber clip that won’t scratch or damage your mobile device. With improved clip length to make it more stable on your phone.

During this pandemic, many teachers are being forced to move their lessons online using Skype, Facetime, Zoom, or any video chat platform. One of the famous online classes now is piano lessons. Online piano teaching doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.

With a rise in video conferencing, many people are noticing that their video is backward, with things like text appearing the wrong way around. Our lens with video mirroring has fixed this problem. Text and images don’t appear reversed to the students or participants in the conference or class.


Our FishEye Lens offers you a wide hemispherical view. The macro lens captures extreme close-up views of tiny objects in detail. It is ideal for piano online training and other online classes such as fine arts and painting. It is also suitable for gathering, taking selfies, and some architectural, interior, and landscape photography.