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Silicone Flower Petal Spill Stopper Lid Pot Cover

  • MATERIAL - Made With High-Grade Quality Silicone Material 100% Food Grade, BPA Free, FDA Approved, Odorless, No Staining. Can Withstand At A High-Temperature Tolerance Between 400 Degrees Fahrenheit. Soft, Durable, Reusable, And Flexible That Will Definitely Last For A Long Time Even For How Many Uses.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - The Circular Flower Rim Allows The Air To Follow And Emanate Pressure As It Reaches A High-Temperature Heat Point And Starts To Boil. The Unique Feature Would Release The Combustion Pressure And With The Circular Otter Rim Distributing, The Tension And U Shape Design Leave Any Excessive Bubble Foam, Liquid, Or Scum From Spilling Over.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Use As A Spill Stopper Lid And Microwave Splatter Guard. Steam Vegetables On The Spill Stopper While Cooking Pasta, Rice, Or Other Dishes. Can Also Act As An Insulation Mat To Protect Your Dining Table From Damage. Fits Any Pots And Pans With An Opening Of 6” to 9.8”. Lid Stopper Diameter Is 10.2”.
  • HEAT AND COLD RESISTANT - Spill Stopper Temperature Range 240C - -25C. Can Be Used In Microwave And Refrigerator.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - You Can Simply Place It In Your Dishwasher Or Wash By Hand And Let It Dry.

Love cooking and want to protect your stovetop from overflows? TRY OUR JJMG NEW Silicone Flower Petal Spill Stopper Lid Boil-Over. It keeps your stove-top clean from spills effectively, just putting it on top of the pot like the lid. Set your timer, cover pot with spill stopper, and go blissfully about your business. No more pot watching when boiling pasta, rice, potatoes, or other starchy food with this innovative design that lets the pressure and steam escape and a silicone handle that is easy to grip.

It acts as a heavy silicone lid preventing pasta, soups, and other dishes from foaming or boiling all over your stove. A perfect solution to prevent food and oil spatter. Made from premium food-grade silicone lid which is heat resistant and cleans up easily creating the perfect kitchen arsenal for yourself. Using this cover, you get a more hygienic and antibacterial kitchen countertop. A kitchen is a must-have for ceramic stovetops and your favorite cooking enthusiasts. No more messy kitchen. A chef’s favorite.